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Comprehensive Legal Services

The public and private sektor

We comprehensively serve clients of the public and private sectors, in particular in the field.

Customer needs

Our services are based on a full understanding of customer needs. We guarantee service at appropriate times for the customer.


K & K Mariusz Kuźma Beata Jagodzińska-Kuźma s.c. is a recognised legal and business advisory law firm on the market. K&K offers comprehensive services to clients in both the public and private sectors, with a particular focus on areas such as public procurement, legal support for investment processes, and business consultancy. K&K specialises in providing services to entities within the public sector, including the public finance sector and contracting entities, as well as a diverse spectrum of entrepreneurs who count contracting authorities and contracting entities among their clients. K&K has a successful track record in supporting projects co-financed by the European Union covering various domains, including IT, infrastructure, and other specialised contracts.


What distinguishes K&K is our comprehensive approach to providing services, combined with our unwavering commitment to delivering expertise in each specific area. Our services are based on a full comprehension of the client's needs, hence, unlike other law firms, we offer consultations at times that align with our clients' preferences and, as mutually agreed upon, can be conducted at their premises. We are proud to provide our services to a diverse range of entities and organisations, including ministries, central offices, state legal entities, municipal offices, budgetary institutions, foundations, associations, commercial companies, partnerships, civil law companies, and sole proprietorships. In the past, we have had the privilege of providing assistance to prestigious institutions such as the Chancellery of the President and the Sejm. One of our partners played a key role as a member of the Ministry of Regional Development team conducting audits of projects under the Special Operational Program for Transport (SOPT) in 2006. Additionally, they have been actively involved in various other audits and inspections.

Flexible working hours

To deliver top-quality services, K&K is committed to providing a dedicated team of meticulously selected experts. We generally operate from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., however, in urgent cases, services will be provided in accordance with arrangements agreed upon between the client and K&K. Our services can be offered at either the K&K office or the client's premises, and we also facilitate communication through electronic channels and/or telephone consultations. At the client's request, consultations on specific matters can be scheduled at mutually agreed times. Representation before the National Appeals Chamber and courts will take place within set deadlines.

Our team

The K&K team primarily consists of lawyers with extensive professional experience. At K&K, we pride ourselves on recruiting specialists with extensive experience across diverse sectors of economic activity and the industries we serve. Our team comprises professionals ranging from administration employees, notably in public procurement, to construction and building inspectors, property appraisers, investment advisors, experts in human resources management, and seasoned auditors.

K&K specialists are recruited from individuals with extensive experience in various sectors of economic activity, as well as in the public finance sector and its related services, including public procurement, auditing, and inspections. They also provide services to private entities of varying sizes.

Mariusz Kuźma

managing partner

We are professionals in every way.


Public finances and business activity

Our services encompass a wide range of legal areas that revolve around the intersection of the public finance sector and economic activity. This includes expertise in Polish and European public procurement law, encompassing concessions and public-private partnerships (PPP). We also specialise in civil proceedings, commercial law, construction law, copyright law, administrative proceedings, public finances, labour law, water resources law, as well as legal matters related to 'utility entities' such as energy, postal services, water and sewage services, and airport management services.

Competitiveness on the EU market

An important area of our activity are issues related to competitiveness on the EU market, including public procurement, state aid, with particular emphasis on both their legal and economic aspects. Our expertise extends to legal services related to the implementation of environmental protection and infrastructure projects financed by European funds, particularly those supported by the Cohesion Fund, as well as other initiatives co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF).